Back from gulfport, MS

First of all, thanks to everyone that replied to the thread .
I really appreciate all the support and concern from everyone about this disaster. Especially to Prettyboy. Your an inspiration,man:love:. I just hope your prepared mentally for what your about to experience. The amount of devastation that came from this storm is amazing. The pictures on t.v. can’t even compare to whats going on down there. The few people we saw once we got around gulfport seemed to be walking around aimlessly, with nowhere to go and no plan on what they were going to do. There were houses everywhere with orange spraypaint on the outside with the number of how many were dead inside written on it. There were many bodies in the streets. It was horrific. It was very difficult to see. Even through all that, there were still high hopes from alot of people.
We eventually got to my cousins land and found all of our family safe and together. We brought lots of gas, water and canned food with us but not nearly enough to sustain everyone until they can rebuild enough to start living a semi-normal life again. I can only hope that everything turns out ok for them all. It’s crazy how primitive things get when you have no power or fresh water.
We went to check on my uncles grave to make sure he was still in the ground and the surge from the storm had washed shrimp boats and fishing boats all over the cemetary(which was miles from the coast). My aunts house was not to far from there and since she was along a river the swell of water was 20 feet over the top of her house. It’s so sad to see the house you grew up in and the school you went to demolished and surrounded by a huge amount of trash and wood and bodies and water.
But, its even harder to leave everyone behind (with the exception of my aunt and uncle) and come home to take care of the family i have here.
All i can do now is hope for the best.
Thanks again to everyone for the support.:slight_smile:

*Time to see whats been going on around here the past couple days.