Band Logo design... bad case of writer's block :(

Hello citizens of Kirupia!

I am trying to design a logo for my band for a couple of days now, but I can’t seem to come up with anything good.
The big problem (to me) is that I’d like the logo to be as simple as possible: it should be “instantly recognisable” , like a graphical thing…
Another problem is the name: 40Wayz from Sunday (but actually we mostly just call it 40Wayz)… A lot of bands use the first letter to start with, but with the 40 it’s a bit harder.
I’ve tried to do some designs in which the “4” and the “0” are merged into the lines of the “W”, but i dont think you can see it’s actually a “4” a “0” and a “W” :puzzle: (i’ll post some sketches of it asap)

My concept was in elvish/gothic-font-style-kinda look (although we aren’t gothic at all! :smirk: ) (-> rock +a bit of punk + a bit of harder stuff + a bit of emo)

Does anyone have any ideas for designs?
Every suggestion is more than welcome!

…thanks a lot!!

[SIZE=1]PS: 2 bandmembers think it should be just 40Ways instead of 40Wayz… does it really look stupid or is the Z ok?[/SIZE]