First logo EVER

Hey people… this is my first logo ever that I’m currently working on and I just wanna get some feedback from the more intelligent than myself (ie, pretty much everyone…) Well… be gentle :stuck_out_tongue:

click here

Cheers, J

I you’re talking about ‘vapourmusic’ ?

Looks too much like a bunch of blending options altogether. No real research on typography/colors/spacing etc… Try using a particular font, playing around with indidividual letters, adding shapes etc…



I’ve been using the “Kudasai” font and it’s just something we’ve always used for the logo’s so we wanna stick to that. Meah… goes back to the drawing board

Keep the text simple but which blends in well with the group band style of music also. If its rock than keep it grunge. Its not actually a logo but if you want that as your logo than thats what you should work on, the font style and color. But i do like how there have been three or four new threads about things that have just done for the first time :wink:

Hmm… I wanna design something that fits in with the band’s style but I’m having trouble doing it… Our style is very sortof deftones like… most of our music is really simple but effective if you know what I mean, I lot of our songs just consist of a simple drum beat with maybe four or five chords on the guitars, held and played slowly with my lil secret effect :wink: but it works. Its simple but heavy… ponders

No offence but your logo is just text and looks like everyone elses boring logo why dont you keep it simple yet add just a tiny touch too make it different?
an example of thie attachment.

I dont want u to use this but just to show u u can make it look alot different using a small thing such as the curve
:thumb: Good Luck :thumb:

and post us the final logo u come up with

u really should work with some shapes to make it look like a logo, right now its text. :slight_smile:

im doing my personal site, do i need a logo? its not a portfolio or web design company.

yeah I can see where yous are coming from, I’ll experiment with some shapes etc. I’m new to all this so I don’t know little tricks like that :stuck_out_tongue: