Band Site Check

This is the latest greatest update to my band site. Designed in flash and photoshop. Please tell me what you think. Let me know if you run into any glitches.



thanx for da feedback on my page, i think you should add some rollOver effects on the buttons, thats about it, im kinda tired… lol

Really nice intro - I like it a lot. It all transistions very well, looks great.
Only thing I noticed was you have a lot going on with fonts once you actually enter the site. You might want to condense into tow or three font styles and possibly consider using Impact or whatever font it is that you used in the Flash intro.


thanks for the feedback. I am having trouble with embedded fonts. They don’t look right after I embed them so I was kinda forced to use _sans for clarity on the text parts. I don’t know if everybody has impact, but I know they have _sans. Do you have any recommendations?

Oh okay I see what you are saying. I think maybe (when I look at again) It has more to do with you ‘ad’ on the homepage. There is really a lot going on there and it gets hard to read.
I think your links on top as well as the content on far right and left is ok.
On the splash page, it is either garamond or times new roman…
something like that. I don’t see this font being used anywhere
else though it looks nice.

My advice- Change the gig advertisement, use impact in there
and maybe change the font of the splash page. I know these are images so it might not be easy or your stuff (unless you did this entire site all images included)
It just seems to me as though the intro was made seperate and is not consistant with the design of the site. I think if you can somehow impliment the same fonts into the splash and home page it would transistion much better.

Sorry if I haven’t been much help. It still looks good, and like I already said there is some really nice Flash work in the intro.

Good Luck :goatee: :cyborg:

No this is great feedback. You really know your fonts! You are right, the intro was done way before this new update. I haven’t had a chance to update the intro yet. When I do it will look more like this main site. I have also plans on changing the splash page. One thing at a time. I want to get the site to a level where I don’t have to touch it. You know?

Also, the “ad” will be gone after May 13th. I actually sent the ad out by itself and then decided to add it to the site. The next flyers I will use consistent fonts.

I appreciate it…

Ahhh I see. Well you are definately on the right track!
I understand also that not everything always gets done at once
and all the other outer circumstances that can effect designs.
With the company I work for, I have learned to deal with things like that, like it or not…L
Good luck with everything :thumb:

try to use FFF fonts…
some of them are free…
add some life to your page (buttons or so)


Funny you should say that. I am using FF fonts. Those are the ones I am having trouble with. After I embed them, they look funny Blurry and sometimes small… They look great when they are not embedded. Can you help me with that? I am using FF professional. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Well that is wierd cause a while ago I was trying to use FFF Hero
in a project and sometimes I had problems with it and sometimes I didn’t. It must have been when it was embedded it was giving the fuzzy appearance. (-:
I could use some advice on that as well.

  1. place it on rounded pixels (eg. 123, not 123.2)
  2. use 8 size
    should work

:nerd: Thanks!

Thanks fluid:

And I just found something else out on the FFF site. It says that If you embed the font you should publish the flash movie at low quality to keep your fonts sharp. But doesn’t that screw up everthing else. Is there a work around?

Also following fluid post make sure your text sits on whole pixels.

I am going to try that when I get home.

works 100% and U dun have to use low Q

Thanks Fluid…


Okay, I have now tried to set it to 8 and place it on whole pixels. Here is the deal it looks GREAT until I embed them and then they get slightly blurry. What could be the problem? If I lower it to low quality the text is clear. However everthing else is jacked up. What do I do?

all the text is blurry or only a part?
it’s important

all the text is blurry…more dull than blurry because again when I put it on low quality it is clear.

is it in many MCs’ ?
i mean smthn like _root.window.win01.win02… ?