So I almost have it there

I took the advice of kirupa members and made some changes to my site …
haven’t got the fonts right yet … so soon after the last post thought I better ask while the ’ iron is hot ’
oh and I couldn’t get the optimization tool because it’s only for windows but of course I know how to size it down the old fashioned way.(should I?)
I need some suggestions about my fonts.(esp the “outback” menu)
Thanks for all help.


10 times better! Good job! I only problem I have with it is that the buttons on the top of the page dont have the hit box all the way around the text. In other words, you can’t click on the ends of the text.

Keep it up!

I’m not a huge fan of your splash page. (not talking about the fact you have one)

But the font seems sort of plain and amateurish. I like the font you use in the flash site better, and the gray on the brown in the splash page is hard to read.

Keep up the good work.

only problem i have with the whole thing really is that little bird. geeze it just looks so cheap.

Thanks , I’m not well practised in font finding…I’ve been just using ‘sand’ in the flash, do you think I should keep that one consistent?
As for the kookaburra, I was thinking I might draw one in illustrator , instead of using a photo animated. I got rid of the galah but I might bring him back if I freehand draw him as well.
Oh and I agree about the buttons- I’ll fix them up, thanks. :slight_smile:

i don’t like you’re fonts (which i guess has been said). you’re colors are nice, but it’s a bit empty, and they contrast too sharply sometimes.


maybe some leaves from the trees? hahah - I’ll never finish this site :stuck_out_tongue: