Hey ppl…
I am in a banner crisis !!
The logo text looks sloppy to me.
When I decide to clean it up, I make it worse.
I like the banner, but something is missing.
It is too big for my taste, but I have had customers complain about it being too small.
The “scan line” effect is very transparent.
Should it be darkened up?
Feel free to browse the rest of the site as well.
All comments and suggestions are appreciated.


yes i agree that the banner is missing something.

here is what i suggest.

delete it. delete the entire banner (you can keep the buttons). then go sit down in a quiet place and think. then come back to your computer, sit down, and start again.

i know how hard it is to do things like this sometimes…especially when you’ve been staring at the same image for hours on end…sometimes it’s better to get a fresh start.

also, i wouldn’t have the movie scale to the window size…fix the banner in a table with the width set to a maximum of 770px.

hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks teet…
I tweaked up on the site before I read your post. I didn’t start from scratch, but I think it looks a little better. I will eventually start over :hangover:
Check out the adjustments below.
Thanks again