Post comments on my work

I’m working on an advertising banner for my website,

So far, this is what I have, and I’m looking for any suggestions and ideas or even help with this.

My problem right now is it looks too scrunched and the text font on the bottom doesn’t seem to quite fit the look of our site.

Thanks in advance for any input and help!

I like the font for the logo, but the bottom one seems a bit to close to everything… (is the font something like swift?). I’d take out alot of the pictures, onnly leave like the first four or something.

try working with the background too but overall looking great mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestions, and here’s what we have after I edited it. I like it, but I’m sure it can still be improved.

the font on the bottom is a bit better, still seems like there are too many consoles, perhaps you could have the type of style areas like the news titles on your site?

its nice, I like the colors of the logo

I seriously cannot stand these gaming sites. All the material is extrememly crammed together with many things going on at once. But this banner is pretty good, simple.

thank god u take off the N64! That technological piece its too old to be shown in a banner now :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…keeping in mind that I HATE orange and black I’d say it looks okay. But if this is an advertising banner I’d make your logo secondary in the heirarchy. Firstly, I think that your logo is kind of hard to read with that font and secondly, it doesn’t scream game news & reviews. I think you should nix the x-box, computer, gamecube and ps2 and replace those images with pics of the controllers for those systems.

Im with CG, change the systems for the controller´s…

Why do you recommend doing that though? I’m just curious, wouldn’t console images be more recognizeable to people than a controller?

No I don’t think so. Look at a ps2 controller. It’s has a very distinctive shape whereas the actual console is just a box. Same goes for text. It’s a lot easier to read text in lower case than it is to READ TEXT IN UPPERCASE because essentially every word in lowercase will have it’s own distinctive outline whereas uppercase words just look like rectangles.

:huh: Is it just me or is it still there on the very right?