Basic Javascript

Javascript is very similar to actionscript so I hope somebody can help me here, pretty straight forward…

I am creating a page in Javascript / HTML (possible with DW) which will contain a large amount of images. I am using DHTML style effects to make the images increase in Alpha on mouse over.
I want to create a small box, and on mouse over I want text to appear in that box saying some details about that picture. I want to use the SAME BOX for 50 or so different images.

I would much prefer it to be text rather than switch images of text.

I want to do this in JAVASCRIPT not Flash please. I have DW, but I don’t know it atall well, so if this is an option thats easy to do in DW perhaps you can advise me that way!

thanks for any help.

PS : 2 years ago I did a course on Javascript and we did something very similar to this, and it wasn’t a lot of code but I can’t remember it, and I have no idea how to adapt Actionscript to Javascript :pirate:

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Go to the Links section. Mouse over the buttons… is that the effect you are going for. If so, I will see if I can whip up a quick example on how I did it.

yeah thats exactly the kind of effect I am looking for. If you could help me understand how to do something like that I would be very greatful

Hey Rage,

Sorry for the long time to reply, for some reason your reply to this thread didn’t show up in my UserCP so I didn’t know you replied.

I will get crackin to see if I can come up with an example. I also have to test if my way works in Netscape.

alrigth awesome. thanks.

Alright… well my version only works in IE… **** Netscape… I think I may start cookin on a multi browser version though.

Until then… you can find something like it at

Sorry :frowning:

Oh yeah… if you are interested in disecting mine I attached it here.

It is really lame because I whipped it up in like 5 minutes tops (literally).

Alright , I’ll check those out. Thanks LIB

No problem. I hope they help :slight_smile: