Basic Logo For Myself

I recently redesigned my logo fo my portfolio, it’s not a huge change but I’ve wanted to change it for a while because my square-ish logo did not fit a lot of things like Gravatar very well. So I made a few tweaks and made a round and square one. I seem to remember that people around here were brutally honest in their design critiques so please tell me what you think and I’ll take it like a champ.


And just to compare to my old logo:

It’s an improvement I think.

I like all the changes to the shape itself, but I think it looks a little awkward in a circle (and a square, but less so) because it’s so left-heavy.

Thanks for the feedback, you two. Alltom I agree the circle especially looks awkward, the circle is just to ensure that Gravatar and other circle avatars look OK.

Also when you say left heavy, I’m not sure I understand… I thought if anything it’d be right heavy because so much of the F is out there (although the italicized text does skew things to the left).

Maybe when you say “right heavy” you think if you pushed it, it would fall to the right? I think that’s true too and makes it feel a little unstable. :slight_smile: But by “left heavy” I mean that there’s a lot of green on the left and a lot of white on the right.

Not that this makes sense to the design at all, but putting anything in the negative space balances it for me:

One thing might be to have the text be a little smaller when inside the circle. It seems too close to the edges and looks a little too cramped. Another thing you could try is having the circle outline be a bit thicker (to mimc the thickness of the letters) and be a darker shade of the green you are using for the logo itself.


Thanks for your responses. Sorry, it’s been a while since I checked in here on the forums.