New Logo Design

This is my new logo design for my online portfolio - Just wondering what people think of it - and if maybe they have any ideas of things to add or change.

*EDIT Here is my new logo design - I have uploaded it so click here…

i like symbol up the top looks realy good, but there is something i don’t like about the text maybe somethong bolder would look better.

Thanks “Byrnzie” - I will play around with the text and see if i can get a better outcome.

use another font the letters are to thin, and maybe the colour of the text (white)
the symbol looks great

Great job. As wvd426 told you about the font which I noticed it too and try giving the same color to the text the radial thingy

yeah change the font dude, somthin funkier maybe.

also for the text have a go applying a shodow effect to the text as well as the main logo bit, which by the way looks very professional :smiley:

good work, pisses on mine (

gd work :rabbit:

so far everyone has given me good comments about the logo - Thanx! -

Well ill now play around with the text and try and improve it even more - will post update soon.

Thanx again

Really nice, man. Yeah the text needs some work. I’d go with just the same style as the shape. Really professional.

Here is my modified version of the same logo: Click Here

Is the colour good or should i maybe change it to a nice blue or purple? etc?

The new one looks heaps better, but the text is hard to read. bring it away from the logo with a drop shadow and give it it’s own reflection, like the logo.

Other than that it looks real nice, the reflection gives it alot.

Make the text the same width as the shape and move it down a little. Then give it a reflection as dreeft said. Excellent logo.