Battle- Photography -nature non-macro

Hey I never done this before, but I want to start to battle… this is what I am thinking…

Type:Nature Photography, BW/Color

Minor contrast, brightness manipulation, no effects, any photo-editing software.

800px X 600px

**No-Macro or super-close up shots. **I beleive it is harder to acheive a good picture where you cant macro. The main theme is Nature, but people and animals are allowed, just no man made things like structures, cars or anything else of that matter. 1 Picture per entry.

So. anyone?


can it be smaller than 800x600?
I would like to join. when is the deadline?

Yea, I’m in. Any nature shot? What about more then one entry?

ok, this time im in…just took my finals in school, i have 2 weeks free

can we not limit the size though? thats a little odd…usually its best just to define the width, croping is part of photography, as well as enlarging

agreed with blinking – can we nix the size thing?

how would we have more than one pic per person? that seems a little unfair. I guess i just don’t understand.

Well… as long as we can use photos that we’ve already taken… I’d like to use this photo as my entry. It wasn’t taken too long ago. Late June '04.
If you really want 800x600, I’ll fix it.

Even though I’m in Germany/Poland right now, I’ll still join in, I have a laptop with me.

what do you mean even though? that gives you a HUGE advantage…lol

I’m in - let me dig through my archives . . .


I’m in…

here’s mine, I took it a while ago in Hawaii. Hope you don’t mind that I put black bars on the top.

Good Luck everyone!

I think it kills your photo, but that’s your call. not a bad photo otherwise.

I deleted my entry. Decided it didn’t really fit the theme… and it’s a boring picture.
Maybe i’ll have one later, though.

Raw, scaled.

Hey morse he said no macro shots.:wink:

Oh yea. ****. All better now :whistle:

Well now that I’ve seen Morse’s maybe I won’t enter . . . :wink:

3dNirvana - that the red sand beach on Maui? Out by Hana? Lovely place . . . :thumb:

nice one morse!

lunatic- i have no idea… sry… I only go to the big island where my relatives are