Best book?

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best book to buy when learning and expanded knowledge with actionscript? I need a real good reference and want to make sure I make the best purchase. Thanks.

If you need a definitive reference get ‘Actionscript- The Definitive Reference’ by Colin Moock. Published by 0’reilly

If you learn better by seeing things in context get ‘The Actionscript Cookbook’ by Joey Lott. Also published by O’reilly

Know, though they claim to be for all levels, they are really for more advanced users. Not a lot of attention to basic programming theories and best practices.

A decent, absolute-beginner, level book is ‘Flash MX- Visual Quickstart Guide’ Published by Peachpit Press.

If you have experience however, you will quickly outgrow this last one and the first two are the better option.


I have got the Complete Reference Macromedia Flash Mx 2004
Second edition by Brian underdahl,
I give it afull :thumb: From baisc right through to action scripting.
Very easy to follow good book for me…

Regards Barrie