Best friends?

who here has a best friend? you probably will say you all do. when i was in elementry school, i had a best friend. and then during high school, not so much. my friends were ba$tards.

but I just found out this weekend that I have a best friend, and im happy because of that.:beam:

I have a bunch of best friends. I dont think I have ever had that ONE great above all friends.

There is a group of us - prolly 6 or so, and either of them could be my best friend on any given day. I think I’m lucky to be honest with you… I like the fact that there is more than one to choose from as I’m sure they do to :slight_smile:

Kirupa for making this incredible forum and you all for coming here!

i’ve had a best friend since 11th grade when we met in french class. i had to be partners with her because all the other people already had study partners. there were a bunch of cheerleaders in that class, ugh. but yeah, she was this gothed out chick back then and when i saw her i told her “oh my ****ing god, i have to be partners with you.” and she told me to “f-u-c-k off.” that’s how it all started. at first we were really really mean to each other but then it became kind of a joke, plus we fooled the whole class into thinking that we hated each other. it was great. but yeah we’re still best friends today.

I so want to believe I still have a best friend. Probably because I hate growing up. Why I hate it? Because in the grown up world it’s sometimes obvious that your so called best friend is just another person.

one best friend? nah, I have a group of them. If i were to say i had one though, it would be Dave. Hes this guy ive been close friends with since i first started school - thats about 14-15 years now! Im all upset now cos i used to see him virtually everyday, and now hes gone to manchester uni, so im lucky if i see him once every couple of months! Thank god for the internet though…

Then again, whenever i have a girlfriend, I HAVE to say that shes my best friend.

I would say I have different levels of best friends.

There are people I call my best friends who I talk to often and spend time with really I quess they are better friends.

There is a friend from early childhood who I havent seen in years but talk to as much as we can (which is not much) that I know is more like my sister so I would call her my best friend and then…

There is the person I am closer to then anyone else in this world, in all aspects of life. I can tell everything, I can trust with everything and anything, a person that totally helps complete me as a person and them I can’t even call a best friend because they are so much mroe then that!

So ya, I quess you can say I have a best friend(s).

I think lots of people have best friends. I have found that lots of guys say they dont have best friends they just have a bunch of good friends and I always ask them who would be the best man at your wedding? and usually whom ever they answer I would call there best or maybe better friend then the rest. Everyone has someone that is better then everyone else, Right??

Just a girl’s opinion!!

My best friend is my bird…

There are a few people I get along with

:trout: :trout:

:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

thats definetley the truth!

Rere is on the list…she is giving me her extra ticket to Staind’s invite only accoustic show tomorrow night…

wow! im so jelous…

I loved staind!

I’m glad thats what made me make the list!!!

Remember if I get punched cuz you start a mosh pit, I may just have to kill you!!!

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**wow! im so jelous…

I loved staind! **

Dont want to make you even more jealous but it is a invitation only, acoustic set!

No…thats not all. You got a nice shelf too.

:trout: :trout: :trout:

such a gentlemen!

ha ha…

Who ever said I was!