Never to see a friend again

my friend just left my house for probably the last time I’ll ever seen him again :(…

I’m so sad :(, I just feel like sleeping and not ever getting up again, he was my best friend :frowning:

we need a more unhappy smiley, :frowning: just doesn’t do it right now, I can’t stand life :frowning:

edit: this one does pretty well… :( or at least better :(

Yeah, my best friend named Sreyas moved to Canada. SO SAD :frowning: I miss him

Why won’t you see him again?

Sorry about the, ummm loss…

because he’s moving away and it will cost alot for his family to come back, and we’re all to young to travel by ourself :*(

All of my friends are in spokane for a church camp… I feel alone too. but I still have my gf… however she is out with her friends right now. I was supposed to hang out with her but I don’t feel very good.

Spokane is like 5 hours from where I live.

hm… I don’t have a church, I’m not religious, but sorry :frowning: for you to

Both my best friends are moving at the end of August… so I know how you feel… it sucks! Not much one can do about such things though.

I guess i’m lucky that I will still get to see them everyone once in a very blue moon when they come back to visit their families.

what the!?

I’m not religious, so I can’t go to any church, I know you didn’t mean anything about a church, but it was in your post :wink: :*(

oooh… ok :slight_smile:

my best friend just moved away too, we should start a club for this :slight_smile:

it also sucks because he’s going from probably THE BEST school district in the state to a area that’s not nearly as nice, in the outskurts of la, in a school that’s not nearly the standards as my school that he used to go to, but nothing wrong with, it’s still an okay school… just, that transition is a hard going from the best of the best…

Don’t get so down. The internet and email is a great way to stay in touch. I’ve moved many times and keep contact with friends from every place I’ve been. I know I’ll see them again.

I never make good byes a big deal as I think of them more as a see you later.

I just finished high school and all my friends are going in seperate directions to college.

[email protected] this thread is depressing.

yeah, we’ll both be online all the time, but it’s just not the same like that, and you don’t feel you actually are there with them, so I’m thinking about buying a video thing for my computer… all my friends have one, all 1… 2… 3… 3 friends have one :lol:

well… at least it’d be easy to communicate, but with school coming… well, I have to get strait A’s as you know of couse :wink:

why do you need straight A’s?

because I’m a school nerd ;), and can’t live without them… I’m also a really bad teacher’s pet :wink:


watcha think of this:,CRID=4,CONTENTID=7105

bombing pixels it’s nice but I don’t know that it will replace lost friends.
but…proove me wrong kids…proove me wrong!

glad i hav’nt had a single friend whole of my life, just my gf as a friend n she’s away right now …oooh i just realized i am a part of this thread :frowning:
sorry about ur loss mate, cheer up :slight_smile: