Best tutorials to learn flutter

I wanted to know the best tutorials for learning flutter. Previously lots of people suggested me the flutter, can you please inform why this one is the best or why?

I really suggest you take a look at PWA. Native web technologies are better to learn than new frameworks that add many abstractions.

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Thanks Millad, Will go through with the tutorials and let you inform the same if face any issues.

Great. We are here to help you and each other. You will find a lot of great resources in the form and on the site about PWA. Keep it up :smiley:

For flutter, the best resource I have found is:

Flutter and PWA are two very different technologies with very VERY different use-cases. One is a cross-platform web app solution and the other is a native iOS and Android solution.

To take a step back, what are you trying ti build? Why did you choose flutter as a solution?


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I have had bad experience with using one framework/lib to create apps for different platforms. If I would do it again it would be react native or PWA. It would be very good if you actually took the time and build individually for each platform with its own tools!

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Isn’t React Native one framework for building an app for different platforms? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it is. I still recommend building for each platform individually.