Beware: you have bad taste in music

It’s funny because it’s true…

LOL. That guy is so Tom Green-like with his megaphone and telling people random stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, somebody is trying to smack some sense into these people with bad taste in music…

The coolest thing i saw, other that his witty remarks about ****ty bands and the people who support their empty, hollow musical endeavors, was on the Evanesance video, where he actually let the fans use his megaphone to retort his comments.

I think that it’s great that he is willing to give a platform to the people who might oppose his opinions… Class act…

I found that pretty funny but who the hell are these people who define what bad taste is?

I enjoy some tunes from some of the artists he rips on.

I loath most hip-hop today. I could give a watery dump about how much loot you have or how many crack-ho’s you bang. But I dont make a site dedicated to it.

But hey it sells records. and some people like it. I dont know anything more musically hollow than that stuff but thats my perception.

I never understood people that get so passionate about trashing a band/group/genra of music.

Just flip the dial and listen to another station you goon.

wait, what’s this about… :h:

I totally agree… in addition, what is so wrong with “hollow” music? I’m all for the more meaningful stuff and action orientated - but come on isn’t it ok just to like something cuz it sounds nice. period.?


I think he ripped most popular genres. I think the whole thing is a satire meant to push peoples buttons. I’ll say this… He’s got big balls to stand there and tell people they have bad taste in music at some of the rock shows.

If you get a chance, watch the Ruben Studdard one… The guy makes a good point about how some people’s musical tastes are largely affected by what the TV tells them is good…

Notice he always has running shoes on? This guy aint taking any chances…