Tool is cool

Random thought: Tool is the greatest! listening to them right now, they are just as good in concert. It is a nice vacation from this world, into a more rational yet strange world of reason.

Best band in the world…

I actually hate them.[url=“”]

I also hate them too. Don’t see anything that really defines them from any other band.

Good band indeed :slight_smile:

That writer who wrote that article has a severe bug up his #@$. He sounds like some of my friends… in JUNIOR HIGH. He talks about self-rightous fans… what the hell does a “doctor” know about music. He obviously is another victim of society because he always refers to how nerdy you would be if you listened to this or that band. Hey dip why don’t you develope your own taste of music instead of looking at what is acceptable by the cool people and hopping on the bandwagon. I don’t like tool though… neither most of the other bands. Im more into melodic black metal. Tool is just to manufactured and… sounds pretty much the same as every single other metal band one MTV now aday’s. Been listening to children of bodom and such for a couple of years now and I have never looked back.

APC are better.

Everbody is entitled to his opinion…
as for me, I believe rev. maynard… tomarrow is harvest day… :cool:

Yea that writer is basically out of his mind, he just likes bashing music he doesnt like…

as for me, tool isn’t the greatest band, but not horrible or anything… in fact… i dont have much of an opinion of them :puzzled:

I’m not really a fan of Tool and honestly I couldn’t tell you even one of their songs which is funny because most of my friends love tool.

Dude, Tool has far distinguished itself from other bands… While i usually appreciate Something Awful’s commentary, never do i ever see them talk about how good a band is. They crapped all over Jack Johnson, because of his popularity, but did not address the fact that despite his wide appeal, he is a good musician…

Same thing with tool… He attacks tool, by attacking the fans that they attract, which, according to the author of the article, usually ‘thinks that being a Tool fan lets them into some big secret that nobody else gets.’

I can see how he gets that perception, as a lot of Tool fans consider themselves enlightened, but i think there is much more to it than wanting to fit in… I think it actually has to do with the fact that they understand the lyrics, and identify with the idealogies put forth by maynard… God forgive them for relating to, and thus liking a certain music. Lord knows that we should only ever accept anything thats been certified as good by the SAforum (hentai games, and J-List) :sure:

Tool is unique in the fact that their music sells itself, as opposed to relying on marketing ploys, and photo shoots to sell the band… Most people are hard-pressed to imagine what the band tool even looks like, (other than maynard), because the band shy’s away from promoting their music by posing for group pics. They let their instruments do their sales pitch, and it works. Maynard has went on record stressing that he does not want to be considered the ‘leader’ of the band, as he feels that all the bands members make significant and equal contributions to the band. Thats freakin awesome. Name another band that takes such a unique approach… (besides APC)

Another thing that seperates Tool from the other whordes of bands clammering for Mtv fame, is that the musicians are actually talented, and study hard to develop musical skills, while other bands are content with recycling styles, and concepts. One only needs to listen to Tools albums in order to hear their progression as musicians. While some criticize this as inconsistancy, i and others recognize it for what is: Diversity. In a day and age where most people complain about bands sounding the same, im suprised to hear a band being criticised for evolving their own sound…

The author says that any moron can understand tool, yet he does not address any of the important issues that are regularly addressed by the bands lyrics, only noting two songs that are considered by the author to be ‘anti-tool fan’ (Ticks and Leaches, and Hooker with a Penis).

In a day and age where bands come and go with fashion trends, Tool has made their mark, and kept it there. I guess the goons at Something Awful just can’t stand to support anything good, ever.

That deserves be an article on it’s own, well put.
I have been to two Tool concerts, one when Undertow came out and the next Lateralus. The first show was in this small crowded theater and was mostly populated by young teenage thrashers.
The second on the other hand had every type of person you could imagine, young and old, white and black, from well dressed preppy types to mohawked head bangers. The most stonishing thing was the peace of the concert, everyone stayed in their seats. No violence or moshing even with the most emotionally and musically powerfull tracks. I was very impressed by the turnout, and this was a 15 - 20k person show. That really shows the diversity of the audiance and I think that has a lot to do with the diversity of the albums, everyone will have their favorite because each is unique. Anyways, I ramble a bit, but thanks Majeye, you put it in context real good.

yo aknatn, where you at in sunny central california??

Fresno, now you share too…

South of Visalia, in a ****-hole called Farmersville… though i’m glad its not Fresno… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am cool. I love tool.

Enough said.

lol. Truthfully I found the SA guys article kind of funny. Then again I don’t take offense when people make fun of bands or music I like.

i was mildly amused by the article, but also offended at the same time (though i did find myself begrudgingly agreeing with a few of his points).

Of course you didn’t take offense; you’ve already stated that you are not a Tool fan…

Just wait, CG… next week i hear they are going to bash Electrashine!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go ahead. There’s no such thing as bad pubilicity. :lol: