Bill Gates Donates $3 Billion to Charity

As part of a plan announced Tuesday to [color=#0000ff]distribute $75 billion to shareholders[/color] during the next four years, stockholders will receive a one-time dividend of $3 per share. As the company’s largest stockholder, with 1.1 billion shares, Gates stands to earn about $3 billion.

Gates said Tuesday that he plans to donate the windfall to the [color=#0000ff]Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation[/color], which works to expand access to technology through public libraries and to help fight diseases around the world. The foundation estimates its endowment at $27 billion.

Aww - that’s really nice :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah its really great, now watch some mac franatic try to reason how he is doing it for personal gain…

so, they add internet acces to libraries…and they also fight diseases…impresive :mu:

Yeah - a few insecure ones will definitely do that. Their posts will be deleted :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i see, there is a catch: “Bill Gates to donate $3 Billion dollars to his own charity…”

thats one hell of a write-off… :slight_smile:

On the main page it says “Bill Gates donates $3…” lol. I was like wtf, a whole thread about Bill Gates donating 3 bucks. Hehe.

It’s a good thing he’s doing, but it doesn’t make up for the pile of junk that is his operating system :wink: (j/k btw hehe)

wow, he’s gone up 3 billion points in my book. props bill


Ooh - I fixed that right now. It should say the whole $3 Billion :stuck_out_tongue:

I reported a windows bug once… Bill should give me at least a million or billion for that =)

I don’t think anyone gets it. FIRST, how many middle class people do you think have shares in Microsoft? The people that have shares in Microsoft already are making tons. SECOND, no I am not a Macintosh fanatic :wink: ! I know Bill is just giving more money to his fat cats, shareholders.

Majeye seems to get what he’s doing though.

Plus, its nice he is giving internet access, but that stock thing…

Is he still one of the rishest men on this planet after this?

I think so - this is an extra $3 billion that he would not have gotten had it not been for MS’s latest share buyback/dividend thing. He still has a comfortable lead over Warren Buffet :slight_smile:

Axel - that would mean that all wealthy people in the country would give away that much. Bill Gates has given away more than $30 billion of his money over the years to help fight AIDS, help vaccinate 3rd world children, and he also helps out a lot of inner city schools and libraries get internet access, offers scholarships, and more!

If you think that he is doing all this for a tax write off, no offense, but that idea is simply naive. About making shareholders money…that’s what ALL corporations do :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what he’s doing is nice, or nicer than nice, but I still don’t like the guy. Maybe its just because he’s the “leader of the evil corporation Micro$oft”.

I seriously don’t like him either. If I had his type of money, it would be falling out of my a** and I would take showers with it…

I guess he’s being sort of nice…3 billion is 3000 million. The charity is probably partying because of that :P.

Most people have no problem with the guy :wink:

Most have problems with his business practices.

Yea that’s what I mean. He is one ripping and killing machine.

But business is business :sigh:.

[size=4]Does anybody sell a couple thousand Windows shares[/size] :beam:??

Yeah - eat or be eaten is the way of life for tech companies :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Exactly!