Birthday fun!

im geting a palm for my birthday(deosnt have to necessarily be palm software etc) any recommendations?

The Sony Cliche (sp?) Is a smooth PDA. It runs of Palm OS

i prefer windows ce 2003 it just came out

Well if you want it to run Windows CE 2003, then it for sure won’t be a Palm. Maybe you should check out HP’s line of handhelds. Then run Win CE as an OS…


instead of a palm we ended up getting a laptop lol decided it would be more useful. hp with/ 2.4 ghz, 40 gb, and best of all built in wi fi

holy s h i t - that’s a bit of an upgrade from a palm… wow.

I wish my trips to futureshop or best buy ended up like that more often :slight_smile:

whats futureshop?

hey thats cool man, congrats! and HP is like the best comp on earth so you chose well man

too much update to write again…heres a conversation explaining it
seattlejaguar: well…
seattlejaguar: the laptop killed itself
boyhatesfrench: uh oh…
seattlejaguar: rather useful though
seattlejaguar: saved 250 bucks
boyhatesfrench: killed itself?
seattlejaguar: best buy restocking fee
boyhatesfrench: ****
seattlejaguar: becuase we wanted to get a diff one anyway
boyhatesfrench: that 15% crap
seattlejaguar: i installed age2
boyhatesfrench: ah
boyhatesfrench: should run smoothly
seattlejaguar: and put it in 1024 by 7****
seattlejaguar: and it didnt work
boyhatesfrench: 768
boyhatesfrench: hm…
boyhatesfrench: what kind of video card?
seattlejaguar: fought with best buy for an hour, or rather watched a great fight
seattlejaguar: intel crud
seattlejaguar: and finally got fee waived!!!
seattlejaguar: so researched laptops
seattlejaguar: going tomorrow to get diff 1
seattlejaguar: :slight_smile:

Just to help you out seattle, I’ve got a toshiba and it seems like they make the best laptops out there (pc laptops, i don’t want a mac argument). They’re much cheaper than dell’s for what you get, and most come with 60 gb hd’s.

Personally, I’d go to and order one off their. You can usually find it cheaper there than at best buy, but you’ll just have to wait 4-5 days to get it.


I had a toshiba laptop at my old school (pc-class, had to have one), it SUCKED! :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, half the class’ laptops had to go for repairs within the first month, toshiba NEVER gave any “while you wait” laptops (like they SAID they would), it took 3 weeks before we saw those laptops again, and they STILL didn’t work properly. out of 30 laptops, at least 25 had to have their floppy drives changed, because they just stopped working, and numerous key fell of the keyboard on many too…

cruddy laptops :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO is all :slight_smile:

Well, i don’t have a floppy drive, so maybe they just suck with floppy drives :). But I know about 5 people who bought laptops, and they all got Toshiba’s cause from their research (and mine) it seems like the best one for the value. Plus pc magazine ranked it the #1 performance laptop of 2002.

Now, they’re not made for portability, so if you’re going for that, I’d go more with a dell or hp.

getting good deal on compaq might as well get hacked it doesnt work at all rebates on the site at the store dont show up at home and vice versa

get a compaq or hp (i donno who makes who anymore :crazy: ) those seem to be really good

no! stay away from hps! didnt u read the coversation? :slight_smile:

order from best canceled, all becuase of evil website and dissapearing rebates