Blender Tutorials

Does anybody know of some good Blender Tutorials.

I’m after something that explains the modeling side of things. I have found a few good ones but they are written assuming you have a basic idea of how things work… I downloaded this last night and to tell the truth it confused the hell outa me…

This is something i am eager to learn but have had no previous experience with 3D software other than Swift 3D V1.0…

Also does anyone know where i can find a manual for it? I found one but it’s in .pdf format and i dont have or want Acrobat Reader…

Does anybody use Blender and is it worth learning or is there others that are better (easier) to use? Not 3Ds Max or Lightwave, my budget doesn’t go that far…

Thanks: Dave

hey dave

ppl have recommended earlier that you try to learn one of the more popular apps, because blender is a bit different and strange in how it operates

i also just started 3d stuff very recently, and i d/loaded the Maya Personal Learning Edition. This is a free version with all the features of maya, that you can use for any non-commercial use. They enforce this with a big fat watermark slapped right across the center of all renders you do.

if you are only learning because you want to make cool stuff maybe you should use something else because the watermark does look kinda lame, but i think that if you learn maya, if you later obtain a high-end 3d app, you will have a good advantage (my plan :))

but i think blender is OK as well…

the main tutes i found were on that site that is related to Blender… i forget the name, ilyos or something weird. There’s a link from the blender site.


Blender is a great little app and it certainly seems to be the king of free 3D… Tutorials I’m not sure about. I think I saw some on the Blender site wayyyy back.

It’s worth learning, but you’ll soon run into it’s many limitations. You can pick up a free copy of Alias Studio PLE (personal learning edition) or Maya PLE from most 3D magazines at the moment. They’ll get you better aquainted with professional 3D apps, although the Maya one doesn’t have the full suite of tools that the commercial version has it’s much much better than blender. And those skills you pick up can be used in other professional apps.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks peeps… I’ll have a look at Maya tonight…

I think is pretty much the main home page now. Theres still a little confusion over the buyout last year to GNU GPL but its pretty much either that or <-- actually that might be the better choice I just went there now :slight_smile: there you have a forum and some links in the community section for sites in blender etc… there was one place that had a lot of tuts, let me see if I cant remember what that was…

hmmm the oldsite has a few

hmmm Im not sure of the site Im thinking of, but with the sites in the community section off of, there are a lot of tuts.

here is also a lot of misc blender links

I have used Blender 3d very long time ago and I love it ! its so easy !
In www.Blender3d i think you will find very much good usefull blendrr link tuturials I do not remmember sorry !
But its a good program to start off !

Or use 3d Studio Max 4 or Cinema 4D