Blog or shoutbox?

hi there… anyone got a link to an open source shoutbox or blog?
i searched through the whole forum and didnt find anything :frowning:

would be great if someone could give me a hint :wink:



did you search beyond the forum? i.e. google?

try :slight_smile:

This one seems to be pretty good:

hey c!ryx that blog is **** cool…

i just have a problem setting it up…

it says i should rename the variables in the config.php file


$host =""; // MYSQL Hostname
$username = “”; // MYSQL Username
$userpass = “”; // MYSQL Password
$userdatabase = “”; // MYSQL Database

//* MYSQL Table Information *//
$onlineprefix = “blog5_online”; // Table for “Users Online” script
$banprefix = “blog5_ban”; // Table for banned ip addresses
$newsprefix = “blog5_entries”; // Table for blog entries
$commentsprefix = “blog5_comments”; // Table for comments
$userprefix = “blog5_users”; // Table for admin users
$optionsprefix = “blog5_options”; // Table for blog options
$pluginsprefix = “blog5_plugins”; // Table for plugin information
$bit5pluginsdisplay = “blog5_plugindisplay”; // Table for plugin display order

//* Template Configuration *//
$templatename = “template.txt”; // Name of template file


there is that error message:

Warning: Access denied for user: ‘@’ (Using password: YES) in /webservers/ftpm2032/blog/install.php on line 3
Ban IP table creation failed.

i have inserted my username and passwort already and it gave me that error again :frowning:

someone here who can help me please?!


ps.: it´s a unix-mysql-apache server

$host =“localhost”; // MYSQL Hostname
$username = “blabla”; // MYSQL Username
$userpass = “password”; // MYSQL Password
$userdatabase = “blabla”; // MYSQL Database

That’s what I have there, I had the same problem as you had first too. Set the $userdatabase to the same name as the $username. If this doesn’t work set $userdatabase to ‘root’

I hope this helps, good luck :thumb: