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Can anyone recommend any good blog software? I’m killin myself tryin to get something good that is actually possible to install. The only thing I have been able to install has been b2 but I don’t really like it all that much. Movable type looks awesome but I have no idea how to install it… I’m having problems
help please

MT, PHP-Nuke,postNuke, b2. those are the ones i know of…

ohh the ones with the words nuke sound entertaining <-- i think thats the site. i donno about postNuke though.

Whats blog?


bless you

thankyou. I think it an allergic reaction to threads i dont understand…

[size=1]maybe im just dumb[/size]

That makes 2 of us. 3, with Soul. :stuck_out_tongue:

blog = weblog
if you don’t know what one of those is, I pity you.

I would write my own, but unless you know PHP, that’s not recommended.

Oooh, a weblog, I see… [SIZE=1]or don’t see it…[/SIZE]
You mean like a diary?

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blog = weblog
if you don’t know what one of those is, I pity you.

I dont want you pity! take it away, away i say!

I have a life outside the internet, so you will forgive my lack of internet slang knowledge.

Now then, these blogs. Are they basically internet diaries? I know reporters and the mass media can use them for research. They are also good for creating knowlege bases and filing personal thoughts. I Have not yet seen one though, nor the software to create them. Perhaps you know a few examples? I am quite curious.

Blogs are essentially diaries that you publish on the internet.

The one above is Colin Moock’s weblog, which commonly covers ActionScript topics and stuff.

There are better examples of weblogs, but I can’t think of one off the top of my head right now…

Blogger is an example of blog software[link]

Aaah, now I see. :slight_smile:

ooh, these seem fun. Might give it a go when my new site is up. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ohhh a diary. I have a diary, but it’s private :bad: I just do it manually like a webpage.

  • Soul :s:

the fact you told us about your diary shows you secretly want us to read it - or at least be asked if we can see it.

sigh here goes…

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I guess he needs more…

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