Bluetooth phones vulnerable to hackers,1848,64463,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3

The BlueSniper “rifle,” created by John Hering and colleagues at Flexilis as a proof-of-concept device, resembles a rifle. It has a vision scope and a yagi antenna with a cable that runs to a Bluetooth-enabled laptop or PDA in a backpack. Aiming the rifle from an 11th-floor window of the Aladdin hotel at a taxi stand across the street in Las Vegas, Hering and colleagues were able to collect phone books from 300 Bluetooth devices. They bested that distance and broke a record this week by attacking a Nokia 6310i phone 1.1 miles away and grabbing the phone book and text messages.

Sounds like that really needs to be fixed soon.

I really don’t like the idea that someone could make your phone call them and use it as a bug, sounds like a real security problem.

that’s creepy! I thought having gps in your phone was scary, especially where other phones can see where you are :smiley:

but that’s just crazy!

Yeh I heard about this bluetooth attack a few weeks ago but this wasnt the first one, the first one was from germany. Some hacker guy interrupted a bluetooth enabled phone and took all the data. First “phone virus”.