:cop: I had a fun time this past week screwing with hackers. I was on the train, and there was a 45 minute layover. So I whip out my compy and search for some open wifi. Sure enough there is one, and it is called “teach me wifi security”. I think to myself, “wow. im sure that is a safe access point.” So I connect to it fully aware of what im getting myself into.

All of a sudden a window pops up saying “my memory cannot be read…blah blah blah…” Im like, “bull. Im gonna screw them back!” I am monitoring my packets as they come in and go out, so I stop the rest of whatever the program it was running from coming in.

Then, not knowing exactly what I was doing, I navigated myself to their router’s administration page and (since i happen to have memorized most default logins) I swept right into the admin panel.

Hehehe… The fun part. I could do anything I wanted to the router now. So I did exactly that! I changed the name of the router, the password, and placed my ip in the DMZ. Then I changed the actual router’s admin login credentials. Oh, but that isnt enough for me… I had to do something that would make it hard for them to fix. I Bricked their router. By installing a messed up version of the router firmware, I was able to actually delete the admin panel!! AND THE ROUTER STILL WORKED!!

Man, I had an interesting day. And of course I saved probably 100’s of innocent wifi users since the access point was the only open network within distance of the train station.