Blurring in photoshop. Please help

I have blured an bitmap image in photoshop (motion blur) and saved it as a jpg.
Is there any way to get the image back, or at least to make it better? I tried to sharpen it but it’s not enough and the result wasn’t any good.

mx-guest2004 :slight_smile:

Sorry to say that, but too late :trout:

You’ll just have to restart it, make sure you save the psd before the jpg. Didnt you save the psd file?

Thanks, both of you. No I forgot to save the .psd :frowning:
but I have another copy of that image. Next time I remember to save a .psd first .
I have another question too,
Do you know how I can create a black silhouette out of bitmap image, a person for instance?
Is it just using the Marquee tool and fill it with black (Ctrl BackSpace), or there is a smarter way?

Thanks again answering my questions :slight_smile:

You can use the pen tool to draw the shape, once you’ve finished, right click it and choose convert to selection, fill it with black:)