how do you make things look like they are blurred

Hi, i’m not sure exactly what specfically you are looking for, but some of the blur effects that i have tried in Flash, is

  1. a case of replicating the “text” or object and then plaing it in the layers behind, say 3 different layers, and then each layer has a lesser Alpha then the layer above, and then get them to tween outwards,

  2. you can use the EXPAND And FILL comand in flash. break the object appart and then use the eand and fill command in the menu… this maybe more of what you are looking for ?

hop it helps



make four copies of what u wanna blur (a MC)and put’em in 4 layers. Set the alpha of each of them to 25% and offset each of them to a different direction (left, right, top, bottom).



Well, the fill of an object can have the edges bluured a bit, use modify->shape->soften fill edges

Otherwise… well… If that doesn’t give you the right result… try photoshop, just remember to save graphics as .png’s… they have a more advanced alpha rememberring system than yer ordinary .gifs…

how are png’s for presentation on the Web - I’ve heard conflicting reports that browser support for them is a little shaky. Could be wrong. That transparency option of gif’s can at times be lousy though!