Blurry (pixel) font problem solved


i think i solved problem with blurry fonts
im not gonna write much here look fo yourself

yeah, thats right

Nice little presentation you have there on it and how to fix it, though.

Yea. Nothing new in terms of clear fonts in Flash, but it’ll be handy to have the presentation to throw to those in search of an answer to blurry fonts (the MM page is nice, but who wouldn’t prefer a flash presentation?).

Also, in my experience with fonts in Flash (pixel or otherwise) all you need to be sure of is that your text lies on an even X/Y pair. Buy hey, if it works it works. :wink:

i know there is 100’s of tuties how to solve the problem… but as much as i have searched on the net i never found any good tutie…
no one explained about screen / stage pixels but its there the problem is