Blurry text

Okay, I’m sure this has been asked about a million times by now and I think I’ve read most of the replies, but I’m still having problems getting my bitmap fonts to be sharp onscreen.

I downloaded a couple of pixel fonts from and made sure they were on whole pixel increments. When I preview my work everything looks fine but when I put the movie online the fonts appear blurry. I don’t want to use device fonts as I find they lack control and using a dynamic text box is useless as I still have to embed the fonts and flash will anti-alias them. I’m also resisting turning my type into gifs as it is very time consuming when you have a lot of text. Help. Please help…


The point of Flash pixel fonts (as from fonts for flash) is that you CAN anti-alias them without blurriness. I use those fonts set as “Static” text instead of “Dynamic” and they work fine.

If your text is being aligned as anything other than to the left you may have to do some guess and check work with decimals to get it to work.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try…


No problem :slight_smile: