Blurry text

in the flash service section this site the text look blurry.

I don’t know why

in the portfolio section, when the text is loaded from a text file, it look okay…

please help me, ive found nothing in the forum (searched for blurry text)


you need to sit the textbox (and everything that contains the textbox) on whole pixels (e.g. X = 20, not 20.3). tbh, I’m surprised ‘blurry text’ didnt provide you with any results!

doesn’t work :frowning:

also embed those text boxes, its just really small times new roman over here

um… doesnt work? are you sure EVERYTHING is sitting on whole pixels? If the textbox is in a movie clip, the movie clip has to be on whole pixels, if THATS sitting in another clip THAT has to be on whole pixels… etc… EEEEEEEEEEEEEVERYTHING :wink:

its working now, the solution…

move the text at 0.5, if the the text is on a whole pixel, it doesn’t work… lol

the opposite of what your saying… bizzare :cyclops:

That’s probably because whatever object that is containing your text field on on a interger with .5 at the end.

whiiiich is exactly what I said :slight_smile:

no, i moved out the text from de movie(sprite)…