Bobdoe's KKR

ok im pretty sure we’re all familiar with this game.
The goal is pretty much to see how long you can last.
Enjoy…dont play for too long…eyes start to water.

Keys Keys Revolution!
Not too late i hope.

Well, I for one am not familiar with it. Anyway, its a fun game, despite its lack of instructions!

  • Took a few minutes before I understood how to play the game.
  • Now that I can … It’s a funny (and annoying) game!

My only suggestion is make the arrows at the top just an outline, that way it’s easier to align the moving arrows…like the real DDR.

Otherwise, it’s good stuff :slight_smile:

Anyone ever been to ? :sure:

Anyway, fun, but eventually I got bored and quit.

cool game, though if you press all the 4 arrows all the time until you get bored you get a high score…

yeh button mashing isnt good…i added some things and fixed some other stuff. Im tweaking the doubles part.

adding and fixing after deadline!? :huh:

oh…the code was already there when submitted but just not completely worked out. Basically i just had to rename files to keep track of things. I’ll edit back to submission status if required.