Book Cover- class assignment

It’s been a looong while since I’ve put anything in this thread, but since I’ve been going back to school I thought it was time to post something. Our first assignment this semester was to design a book cover, so here it is. We had to pick a certain art or design style to model it after and I picked a kind of retro 50-60’s look. I wanted it to look like kind of a modern take on a dusty old library book you’d pull off the shelf.

Let me know what you think. The proof has already been turned in and approved. This is the final, or near final copy, and about the second real project I’ve done in Illustrator. The first semester last fall was more of a quick run-through of Adobe CS3 and didn’t focus on any one program for too long.

edit-d’oh! All I have on hand is a 2mb pdf. I uploaded it to mediafire, but if you have any better suggestions in the meantime please share 'em. Anyway, here’s the link if anyone cares to download the pdf.