Anyone know a good book to learn MX actionscript ?

I was lookin at ‘Sams Teach Yourself Flash MX ActionScript in 24 Hours’ ?

Thanks for any replies :nerd:

I don’t think I would go with any book with the “24 hours” scheme. They are usually very fast and don’t go into the subject too much. A great book is “Actionscript: The Definitive Guide” (something like that) by Colin Moock(Mcock?). It’s kinda old since it was Flash 5 but it is a great resource.


This is a great book to start with the authors are amazing!

Foundation ActionScript for Flash MX
By: Sham Bhangal

thanks guys

Another good book is

Flash MX Magic

Tough to get at first, but you’ll learn how to make your code simplier from the samples. Another good book, if you plan to make server side stuff, is

Server-Side Flash

Flash Math Creativity is a great tool for anyone that wants to totally get rid of ever needing the timeline for anything besides to hold your movie clips! Skip Intro is another good one if you want to learn how to make a site with good content and usability when it comes to making an interface thats easy to edit in the Flash Authoring tool!