Borderless window prob


just trying to get my swf to launch a chromeless window. all is good, except one thing… once the window is launched, the main window it launched from goes white and the text {Object} pops up… any idea what i’m doin wrong?


Oye… there was an entire thread on this like 2 days ago.

It is apparently something wrong with the IE6 SP1 fix in the script.

Since IE6 SP1 no longer supports Chromeless Windows, it was opening them up as full screens, the update now lets them open up as pop up windows instead.

Microbians has no work around to the non-chromeless window script.

The most I can tell you is to e-mail them to notify them of the bug and see if they can help you out. This is what I instructed the other person to do because I believe the problem resides in the .js file.

OK, cool.

thanks beta :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem. Hopefully if they get enough e-mails about this bug, they will be able to post a fix to it on their site.

They’ve got a patch for DL on the main page of Microbians, but it made no difference… hmmm… Oh well, i guess i will have to live with it…:-\

They have a patch for the IE6 SP1 problem, that is the patch that causes the [OBJECT] error problem.

They need to patch their patch :slight_smile:

LOL. so i should still email them, huh…

ok, thanks again :slight_smile:

Yeah you could.

The way I see it, IE6 SP1 doesn’t even support chromeless windows anymore, so the script just opens up a pop up window in that browser. Netscape doesn’t support chromeless windows either.

So basically you are going to be setting up a page in a chromeless window that will just have to be changed not too far down the road.

yes, you are right… well what would you suggest i do? i need a full window, which is why i went chromeless. any ideas?

By full window do you mean a fullscreen window? If so you can easily do that with a javascript pop up window, but a lot of people tend to close them and run because with a full screen window they hav eto Alt+Tab between windows just to see what they are doing. It can be a pain.

If you still want to open a full screen window, I will see what I can whip up.

well either way, it doesn’t really matter. i just need a window that will open full screen. which would you recommend?

Ok, in that case…

Add this between the head tags of your html page…

<SCRIPT LANUGAGE="javascript">
function newWin(page,winName) {
var win=null;
settings ='fullscreen'
win =,winName,settings);

Now add this as your link…

<A HREF="javascript:newWin('','lostinbeta');">LINK</A>

Change the URL and the window name to whatever you want.

ok, well i want it to launch from my flash button, so would i just add the : javascript:newWin(‘’,‘lostinbeta’);

on (release) {

Yep, something along those lines.

Awesome! thanks so much. i will let you know if i have any problems with it.

thanks again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Alrighties. If I don’t reply, I probably went to bed (4am here), but I haven’t slept in days so I should be up if you have any problems.

that would make two of us :slight_smile:

ok, well i have a question…

on (release) {
getURL(“java script:newWin(‘’,‘lostinbeta’);”);

ok, you know how it says the URL and then ‘lostinbeta’ thats the window name right? now do i change all of the "winName"s in the html code as well as the “page”?

<SCRIPT LANUGAGE=“javascript”>
function newWin([COLOR=red]page,winName[/color]) {
var win=null;
settings =‘fullscreen’
win =,winName,settings);

no, the window name is the script is really nothing, but it is something required for pop-ups. You could just leave ‘’ (two single quotes) there if you wanted to, but be sure to use just one word, no spaces allowed.

Nothing has to be changed in the HTML.

hmmm… cause it’s not working… weird. look:

Hey, you know what. I just tried to launch a full screen window in Flash without using javascript. And it gave me my regular window and another window with that [OBJECT] error.

So the error has something to do with loading full screen, which is what chromeless windows did in IE6 SP1…hmmm…interesting…stumbling upon stuff by accident.

Try this as your getURL and you will see what I mean…

on (release) {

Punch buggy no punch backs!

Ok tons of fun, time to get back to work… … …