Borderless window tutorial

can someone explaine me how I can make the borderless window tutorial from Kirupa for flash 5 work for flash MX?

Flash 5 tut :

Thx in advance!

I’ve been trying to do it all morning and I have not been succesfull. I know I’m screwing up someplace the following statement in actionscript:

on (press) {
getURL(“javascript:openIT ‘page.html’,450,250,null,null,‘mywinname01’)”);

After spending a couple of hours I figured it out.

I was a bit confused until I downloaded all the sample files from:

Click con Chromeless and there is a link to download.

The complete fla file is available.

The mistake I was making was that I was including the script code in the target page instead of the launch page. (DUH!).

Anyway, I think most of your questions can be answered by looking at the complete source for the working example.

Thx for helping me out, and putting so much effort in it.

I ow you