Problem with Creating Borderless Window

Hi! I am experiencing trouble in following the tutorial titled “Creating Borderless Window”(

I guess that the problem is with the scripts: "javascript:openIT(’[color=#0000ff]page.html[/color]’,[color=#008000]450[/color],[color=#008000]250[/color],null,null,‘mywinname01’);"

[size=1][size=2]I copied the script (" **javascript:openIT(’[color=#0000ff]page.html[/color]’,[color=#008000]450[/color],[color=#008000]250[/color],null,null,‘mywinname01’);") **from the tutorial page into the Action[/size][size=2]of the button which will open a new borderless window. I did not put any other script or key words.[/size][/size]
[size=1][size=2]The tutorial mentioned “getURL”. Do I need to add getURL to the script somehow?[/size][/size]

I will sincerely appreciate if you can kindly help me with the problem.