Opening Borderless Windows problem

Im using flash mx and i was using a tutorial from flash 5.0 they usally work the same but for some reason i cant get it to work when I am done I and click the button with the script it doesnt work Ihavent got a clue why :*(

Did you download the .js file that Kirupa supplied in the tutorial?

I read every thing so I did do that

Can you post your .fla

or at least your getURL code.

Also…did you include the javascript code in the .html page? And if so, is the .js file in the same folder as your html page. Are you linking to the right .js filename?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I figured I would kill many birds with one stone. I followed that same tutorial, I have MX, and it worked great. So it isn’t because of the tutorial.

can you post your .fla and .swf so i can see how to get it to work

There, that includes all the files you need. All you have to do is unzip them into the same folder, then open the .html page up and click the button.

I included the .fla so you can see what the getURL looks like and so you can edit it yourself in any way you see fit.

Have fun:)