Bored on Long Island

Okay, so last night was my counsin’s sweet sixteen party. :cantlook: I’m staying in a sleepy little burg called Islip, out here at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Just curious as to if any other Kirupians are out here.

The trip was ridiculous - I took a flight from Norfolk to Baltimore, and then from Baltimore to Islip - but the clouds were so thick (the ceiling was only 200 feet) that the plane couldn’t land. So, three hours later, back in Baltimore, my Mom and I end up renting a car with two other people my age that were on the same flight, headed to the same town, and hauling arse through MD, DE, NJ, NYC, and finally to Long Island. On LI, we were coming down one of the side roads of Sunrise Hwy when some jerk in a Cherokee stopped halfway on a curb in the middle of traffic. Mom starts flashing her lights and honking, and the guy in the car gets out, walks over to her window, and starts banging on it and cussing at her. I tell the guy that he needs to get back in his car before I break his hip, and when I get out, he gets back in and drives off. We get ahead of him, and he starts chasing us, riding our arse so Mom floors it and does 80 down Sunrise… we finally get to the Kohls three miles away and drop off our passengers, and get to the party without further incident.

The party was okay - I got to see lots of family, the one downside was that none of the girls were old enough for me to really talk to. I ended up talking to my Uncle Benson the entire night (who’s the man, he was my Grandpa’s best friend). And to make up for the lack of girls, there WAS all the free food, not to mention free Sam Adams on tap! I hadn’t gotten sloshed around my family since my Bar Mitzvah (12 years ago), so that was fun. But I am really bored now - I can’t even smoke around my Grandma, it would screw her up so bad (she doesn’t know I smoke). So I have to be very sneaky. Thank Kirupa for this forum, I’ll be entertained for a while at least. If there are any other K-forum heads out here on Long Island, Lemme know!