Where the hex is everyone tonight

… I’m bored… Phil!!! where are you??? Entertain me. :wink:

I was watching some tv and resting…Sorry Uppy!


lol… good for you… some days it’s best to get away from the grind for a few.

Where abouts do you reside anyway?.. I forgot to ask what timezone you were in. I’m up in the American North East myself.

i’m in EST so at 1:40 i was asleep. i had a rough nite…

I live 65 miles NW of chicago in a litle Hamlet named 'Wonder lake"

Go wonder,

ahh… cold country. I was born in IL… I know ice :slight_smile:

Upstate New York SUCKS!! Sorry. I hate the weather here…I don’t mind the snow or the ice or the cold, but I hate it now, because where I am (Binghamton) the weather keeps fluxing…its 15 degrees one day and 50 the next. Its drivin me nuts. I never know what to dress for. And if its going to be cold, I want snow. I don’t want the sun to be out and it be -25 degrees with the wind-chill…I’m movin to Brazil, to live with the pigmies

lol… you live in Binghamton??? omg all the nut cases come from there. :slight_smile:

yeah the townies are crazy. I don’t live here, I’m orginally from ROME i’m just here for school.

:slight_smile: … I was just kidding. I hear rumors about the place, but I don’t really buy into rumors too often.

its no rumor my friend…the nut cases do come from here. but not the people on SUNY campus…its the townies (aka the indiginous race that lives here)

maybe it’s the water

i think it is…but I’m safe…my roommate bought a brita filter.