Bored *WARNING* 13Kb load

i’m really bored, so i wanted to show ya what i have created. its a stupid game, but I learned a lot about some actionscript while I created this. Its very basic. There really is no point to it. Just hit the two subs. I was originally going to create more levels, but I figured since I had the grasp of the script, then why take it farther? Instead, go and try something more difficult. There is no ending, or score…i could have put those in, but i was too dam lazy. :lol \r\rWARNIN-\rDon’t Press Enter more than once, or you’ll go back to the Start Screen. I was too lazy to fix that too. You have to wait until the mine reaches a Sub, or the bottom of the screen.\r\r<embed src=“” height = 300 width = 412></embed>\r

Naze.\r\rpom 0]

Nice game Pom! Are those seagulls or fighter aircraft flying over the ship. If I was on that boat I’d be scared out of my mind. Watch out for the seagull bombs! Heheh!

I reckon I liked jubbas game more? my wife liked it loads too…

Hey, Zammarz, I didn’t make that @#%$… I mean game. By the way, Jubby, I noticed to boat flipped when it reached the end of the screen. Nice !\rpom 0]

they are seagulls, what kind of aircraft do you know of that flaps its dam wings?!\r\r\rthanks Pom i thought that was a nice touch. It actually just sends the MC to a different frame that deactivates the keyPress for a certain direction.