BPA contest V2

this is the second version of the Business professionals of america contest my high school web team is submitting to states, we won 1st place in regionals with a website i poster before…same url so sorry u cant see old site…tell me what you think http://www.vindicatedesign.net/BPA/

what competition is this? i am a highschool studen and am just interested in how you entered this thing… Can you do individual work?

O and about ur site, you might want to consider a mute button or something for that video… And your scroll box screw up when you use a wheel (wheel mouse). You also might want to consider changing the button transitions but thats just me.


I assume ur going to add other transition images other than just the one that occurs for the Aneheim button.

the contest is for Business Professionals Of America and i dont know for sure but i believe your school has to belong to the Business professionals of america in order to compete. i know that most people in the contest are from carrer centers so…i think its possible to enter solo…ne ways thanks for reply… weve decided to instead make each “tour guide” movie an external swf and have preloaders for each that way they can be better quality and not sacrifice load time…ill work on that scroll bar