Britney Spears!

I had this dream the other night and Britney Spears was in it.

I went with a group of people to this place (cannot recall details), and there was something going on, as I recall it was a place of art, where people gather talk about and share art. After a long discussion about commercialism and how everybody is selling out and lowering their standards, I found out that they were making a movie of some sort, or a video, something such. I then proceeded to talk with others about this movie and the director and what he is doing wrong because he is being so commercial and not truely creative, not giving the audience what they deserve…everything was so packaged for sale. After this long discussion and argument with friends I decided to talk with the director myself, and the people who were with me tried to stop me from doing so…but I finally after arguing and talking and making enough noise got through, and talked my way behind the scenes into the shooting location…and I found out that Britney Spears was in this film/movie/video…I got even more upset and went as far as calling it a crime on art. Somehow, don’t know how, I got to talk to the director about his project (even tried to convince him to switch to digital video), and realized he had heard some of my accusations, after talking to him and even arguing some for a while, I felt bad…and I just let it go, because I realized it wasn’t him commiting this crime but the lack of audience, the consumers who demanded this stuff. I then found myself standing in, and meeting Britney Spears who had heard some of my remarks, but she was nice about it and I realized she was not the system but a product of the system. Then I realized we are doing all of this to ourselves.

Its a strange dream I know, but somehow I walked away from it not with answeres, but with a kind of less antagonistic understanding of todays world,a nd rather than being happy about my discovery and that I had gained this understanding I was saddened.

Oh and by the way, Britney Spears was pretty nice to me HAHAHA.

Anyways, thats all…this is after an all nighter creating in Flash.

My advice to today’s youth, wither wakeup to the reality, or just don’t spend so much time in Flash.



That is a pretty crazy ass dream! I love to dream…too bad I never have time too, have you ever noticed that the coolest dreams happen after passing out…maybe its all those substances going to your brain but I love it!

Hey Dan,
Awesome footer. Did you create it in 3DS Max? Either way the transition loop is really nice.

Kirupa :ninja:

I had a dream about Jessica Alba once. I don’t remember what happened… just that Jessica Alba was in it… and that I had a magic spoon that enabled me to fly.

…Mmmm Jessica Alba…

Hey Kirupa,

My footer was done in 3D Studio Max and I have heard of jessica Alba but a visual does not come to mind, someone post a pic!

Thanks rengirl for bringing back my memory!

I had a dream that I could fly but a remote control made me fly and when I ever pressed mute I would stop and freeze…any who! (-ren what part of OC are you from ?)

you know, i don’t find her hot anymore. she used to be that innocent little girl in pigtails and short skirts (THOSE were her days), now she’s become a “Slave” and whatnot. she’s maturing, yes, but into something my 9-year old sister won’t appreciate. she can’t act either. you know that one pepsi commecial she does? where powers knocks her back? if you notice, she looks first where she falls, not that that’s a problem or anything, but i consider it bad acting.

[opens doors for comments]

peaches anyone?

Yeah, I was not really saying she is hot anyways. More seeing her a the enemy in a way, the commercialism and the sell out crowed. But as my dream states, I was less mad and more saddened by the whole concept. Anyways, who is that Alba chick never heard of her, she looks liek another one of those teene chicks I cannot stand. I prefer women of sustenance, rather then …hey I got shoping at GAP (oh my god) attitude. There is one women out there in teh commercial world taht I like, Elizabeth Hurley…she seems intelligent, attarctive (but not barbie like or model pretty, although she was a model but not the stereo typical no personality type model) and when she acts she has a real charm and sexappeal, I don’t know she seems like the woman to meet, and you can actually have a good conversation with her, about anything really, as long as its not california stupid (don’t get offended people, you know the type).

Needless to say this has nothing to do with my wacked dream, I hope that all of us are not sell outs who buy into the system designing sites like all those other popculture victims on ultrashock or the ones who think they are from autralia or the ones who are kinky or like the pixel design and use a k instead of thousand…I am just bored with all taht retoric and pop wannabees…I don’t know people jsut want something bit more meaningful I guess.

ever watch dark angel? she’s jessica alba.

“She’s all that” anyone?


Yeah, I was not really saying she is hot anyways
Hm… Let me take a look at that picture again… :x

And She’s all that is probably 1999’s worse movie, Thor, come on. It really belongs to the “pathetic teen movie” genre. Along with “Head Over Heels in Love” (Monica Potter and Freddy Prinze Jr, what a couple). Anone saw that?

pom :asian:

She’s in Dark Angel - a James Cameron series that airs on Fox. It is not a brilliant movie, but it’s definitely not a “Time of your Life” piece of crap.

She was NOT in She’s All That. She was in Never Been Kissed and Idle Hands.

That Head Over Heelsl movie was terrible to say the least. I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a rusty butter knife - please make it stop!

As far as Britney. She can’t sing or act and I won’t believe she’s a virgin or that she’s a good Christian for a second. Is she fake - like Pammy’s former boobs yes! But I really can’t deny that she does have a good body and that’s what sells her. I’m pretty convinced she’s on her way out though.

Jessica Alba is a little obsure and not very well known (she’s no Britney). Aside from Dark Angel, she’s really had small parts. And even so, Dark Angel is not so big itself. She’s young, but I wouldn’t say she’s a teeny bopper.

Ofcourse the anti-pop/mainstream/commercialism attitude is a very common “trend” too. Yes… you’re different and you think different… just like everybody else. I have seen more people wearing “I hate boy bands” than people actually wearing “I love Britney/BSB/Nsync” tshirts.

Well first off I don’t hate Britney or any other person like that.

I am glad taht some of you found my dream amusing, for which it was partially ment, juts to give a break from design talk. But as far as analysis goes most of you missed my point. i ma actually not talking about me being different or about these sellouts being bad, but rather about the audience who buy this ****e. They make us into sellouts (sure we contribute because we don’t offer enough sustenance, but todays world doesn’t want sustanence, but rather crap). So thats that.

RenaissanceGirl: It seems you identify with that alab chick, sorry if I hit a soft spot. I didn’t mean for you to go Brittney bashing.

“Jessica Alba is a little obsure and not very well known (she’s no Britney)”

touchy are we :stuck_out_tongue:

Everybody knows dark angle, just never knew her name.
I don’t really watch the show cause I get board, but hey…what can I say. I don’t hate her ahahhaha.

If you wanna talk about amazing actresses, lets talk about Emma Thompson, she is really good.

Anways, my Emmy goes to the fabulous Olsen Twins…what a fantastic duo…HAHHAHAHHHA the mere genius…or wait Jessica Simpson is even better…HAHHAH Sorry thats all taht comes to mind…not that it really matters cause non of which my dream tried to address or capture, but hey I am going along with the flow.


Is there a point in your post NaliWarCowZ?

Forgive warcow dan, he has some…issues :slight_smile:

He must be using Swish…that limited program can make anyone go bonkers!

Hey alex,
I agree with you. The world does not care about substance or talent but merely whimsical nonsense as seen in today’s music. There is one thing that people can learn from them. They all may be horrible musicians, but they are brilliant business people. Who else could use their lack of musical ability, lack of talent, and lack of writing and use it as a marketing tool and make hundreds of millions for themselves and billions for their record companies. Britney Spears, N*Sync, etc. are basically capitalizing on the weaknesses of today’s kids.

The music of today basically reflects the course society is taking. There used to be a time when musicians were all about music, lyrics, and talent. Radio stations played musicians who wrote and performed their own music. Today, it is very difficult to find mainstream stations that play anything besides the elementray lyrics and bubblegum-pop-inspired tunes. The heavily played songs on the radio and launch are basically the Britney Spears, n*sync, Eminem (another nutcase altogether), and other talentless jokes who laugh at the kids who buy their albums.

Music has somehow become sidelined by fashion and appearance. The day people learn to differentiate between GAP and music is the day quality music will not be confined to VH1 at 3AM in the morning (I am guessing I don’t watch VH1). Even cellphones play Britney Spears when they ring! “What is up with that??? - Seinfeld”


Strange, for some reason my post on the previous page cut the page half-way :frowning:

Hey dan, did you know that your footer is a whopping 352k lol :slight_smile:


You know whats crazy…it was about 700KB before I did a little converting the materials to my 3D objects and then re-imported a smaller version and I got it around 350KB but its soo **** huge I don’t like it so I am just going to make a basic footer to stop the lag…even though you only have to preload my footer the first time you see it but its also a sucka for the processor and graphics card. I’ll make a new one tomorrow…until then I will work on trying to check the box to not post my signature!