Bug?self jumping movieClip at end of loop


I made simple animation with 2 layers, and some frames, nothing special, only 2 movieClips, by one on each layer. Animation is nothing more than manipulating alpha.

And here’s some bug (?):

When the animation ends and backs to the beginnig, movieClip change its x position a little and then backs to right position again. movieClip is jumping once on any repeat.

This problem started when I created motion tween between keyframes. This is happening when I’m testing movie and after publish but everything is allright when i just playing animation in edit mode.

please help.

can u post your fla so i can ahve a look at it

here it is

the quick and most likely:

open your info panel, then go to each keyframe involved with the movement and highlight the object instance, and one-by-one verify that the coordinates match exactly

RR they all match ive checked it, what you can do is just export the chess pieces as a transparent png and import it into flash and place it on top of the chess board im sure this will solve your problem because you have two images of the same size one with the chess pieces and another one without them just export the pieces as a png and center them in flash do the same with the board and post back you results, although it is very strange i even made a new movie and imported you images and still got the same effect seems your images are busted dont know how but they are

yeup, i’ve done this many times
in each keyframe the coordinates match exactly

ok, checked it myself and I couldn’t see the jump…

looked more like an optical illusion because of the reference to the eye by all the lines
(looks like the group of chessmen are ‘breathing’ as they fade in and out)

so I slowed it down by stretching the movie out to 200 frames total and up’d the framerate to 24 fps to be smoother

PS:: scripting the fade would be smoother

see below: