Building my next PC. Suggestions/comments needed


I’m about to build my next PC as my present one is 3 years old.


  1. I’m always trying to get the best value for money.
  2. Although I’m not hardcore gamer I wouldn’t mind if it could run at decent fps.
  3. I might add another graphics card at some point in the future so mobo should be fine with this.
  4. The PC should last for next 3 years with possible updates [memory, graphics card, CPU].
  5. See point 1. I’m not willing to burn money on things that are not essential to achieve the above.

Shopping at Dabs. Basic specs

MSI S775 nForce 650i SLI DDR2 ATX AL eitther this or Platinum version
Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2GHz Socket 775 800FSB 2MB
Dabs Value NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS 256MB DDR3 PCI-E DVI
Memory - 1GB. Not sure which one to choose though.

Suggestions are more than welcome.