- Building Traffic

[size=2]- This is just a list of info/tips regarding strategies on how to bring visitors to your website…again, some of the info may not be new to most of you, but I’d still thought I would share. (-:

[size=4]Creating awareness[/size]

It’s all in the name
Come up with a great URL, perhaps one that is humorous or so descriptive of the business that it is hard to forget. Although short names are usually preferable, a long name–if it is catchy–can be an asset.

Mix media
Support or drive traffic with traditional marketing vehicles. Direct mail can be particularly effective, as well as advertising on specialty items, since these things tend to be saved by the consumer for future reference.

Swap links
Exchange links with other companies. A link from another site can be effective because it has the implied credibility that comes from being “endorsed” by that site.

Ask them to come
Send e-mail invitations to visit a new or updated site. Craft your invitation to sound compelling, or give a reason to visit such as a freebie or a chance to win something.

Get on the list
Get listed in the major search engines. Periodically check to ensure your URL comes up when key words are used. Also, register in topic-specific industry directories.

Grow your list
Create a referral program, where a guest to a website receives something in return for putting a colleague on an e-mail list.

Don’t crash
Make sure your web-hosting company is reliable. A nonfunctioning website is like that tree in the woods.

[size=4]Keep the relationship going[/size]

Keep it simple
Don’t cause viewers to be overwhelmed. The “basics” like ease of navigation, complementary graphics, and easy-to-understand buttons are important to keep visitors on the page and at your site.

Identify yourself
Consider placing a logo on all pages, as well as including a way to return to the home page. (Some search engines send users to a subsidiary page, and they may have no idea where they are or how to get to the home page.)

Make a splash
Use the home page to capture the surfer’s attention and to spotlight major portions of the site. Keep structure simple and straightforward.

Something for nothing
A site freebie can be effective, especially if it changes often. A free trip, a special deal–anything to make them come back again.

Collect names
Allow visitors to sign up for a newsletter, e-zine, or notification of special offers. Ask for a mailing address as well as e-mail information to allow you flexibility in future communication.

Start a dialogue
Create a section within your site for feedback that allows guests to contact you with questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. Then be sure to respond quickly.

Put it out there
Take advantage of the freedom the web offers for you to become a publisher. Publish material–whether images, audio, or text–that your visitors will find useful, and that positions you and your business as an industry expert.

Take a poll
Conduct an online survey and offer to send the results to anyone who participates. Or ask people to submit ideas or input on a particular topic. People like to be heard.