Business problem... please help me

I am creating a new business that deals with websites and design in general. I just have one problem… I am not yet 18. Does anyone know if you can create contracts if you are under the age of 18? I usually am subcontracted and dont have to deal with any of the contracts or legal issues but i need to know if it would be a problem if I was under the age of 18 to make a contract.

If so, can you guys show me some of the contracts you get your clients to sign for me to use as a reference. I am new to all of this legal stuff so if any of you have ANY advise please let me konow. O and by the way I live in America if that changes anything.

If you are under 18, then you can’t be held liable for your signature. In other words, you can’t enter a valid contract with anyone until the age of consent.

Your parents would have to ‘own’ the business, and you would be an ‘employee’ and in most cases exempt from taxes (your parents would claim the income).


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