Button Actions

Hey, I’s wondering how you start a new scene with a button event. Kinda detailed would be nice ^_^’’

i think you’re the one who messaged me but if you’re not then here’s how you do it

add an action to the button that looks something like this

gotoAndPlay("Scene 1" , 1);

the number after the coma is the frame number within the scene whos name you specified in the quotes. the gotoAndPlay action could also be gotoAndStop

hope this helps

Would this work if I have a link to a search page that I want to keep open so they would have to click another to the first url of the first button again.

I don’t want to assign the second button another url. Because for the search page the person has to select his categories for searching.

I can’t do this?

Maybe what you wrote this guy.

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if you want the window containing the url you just opened to stay there then just make sure its in a new window instead of the parent window

getURL(www.blah.com, _blank);

then they’ll have to close the window you’ve opened to get it to go away

did i answer your question?
i wasn’t sure i understood you :slight_smile: