Button distortion 2

This is a great site!
I am creating a website for a photographer and the text he wants to use is not a flash compatable text. So I created the text navigation in photoshop and imported the images into flash as gif files.
When I convert these gifs(bitmaps) into buttons they look distorted. I read a post about tracing the image and about breaking apart the image. The tracing makes the image look bad (because it is text) and break apart doesn’t help. I also made sure to place the images on whole numbers on the stage.
Is there anything else that I can do to fix this problem? Why does this happen?

One wierd thing is that if I place the non-button (bitmap) version of the image on the stage, along with the symbol sometimes it fixes the problem. But, I figured someone here would know the correct way to fix this problem.

No the font is stempel garamond. And when I view it there are no horizontal lines in the H’s and the rest of the text looks smooshed.
to see the text as it should look you can go to…
then click on stephenlewisstudio

It is the text right after the intro.
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