Button Issues

I know this is something I am probably overlooking and Ive fixed this before but never with mx 2004, but I have a main window that calls in other swf files and in one of the swf files I have another menu calling in even more swf files. The swf file that gets called in to the main works fine when independently using

on (press) {

but when it is being called in to the main window it doesnt…
Now I fixed this before in MX by taking out the _root extension because its not at the root level, so I tried that and yet it still wont work and it wont work independently either. Anyone have any ideas of what I should try next? Been up all night working on this site, so Im sure this is probably something I am just over looking due to being a little tired, wired, and the script starting to get blurry .

Thanks in advance for any info provided…