Button problem. Pls help

eh… guys… i need some help in buttons.
Pardon my stupidity. Here gones:
I created a button, and had some animation inside it.
The problem is when I tried to duplicate the button and the animation inside and edit the content. It does edit the content
BUT the first button’s content is edited too !
I tried to create another button and create the animation and content one by one but… it’s too troublesome and i can’t edit the properties of the button.
And I also tried to duplicate in Library of the first button and edit symbol. But still got the same problem.
Pls help me… Guys…

Or maybe someone can give me a totally new tutorial or some website to give me some tips.
Coz I know it might get too complicated when explaining by words.
I’ve been though it. Keke~!

It is really simple. All you need to do is instead of duplicating the button make a new one. First make a new button. Then go into old button, copy the animation, make a new movie clip and paste the frames there. Go to your new button and insert the movie clip. Then you can make any changes you want

Still cannot…
Maybe I’m an idiot.
CAN show me every steps ??
Coz… I tried almost everything… BUt still can’t.
Sorry for the inconvenience.:frowning:

Duplicate the button in the library - there are several ways to do this. The simplest is to find the button in the library (Ctrl+L) right click on the button, and choose Duplicate from the menu.

Drag this new button onto a keyframe on the stage and edit to suit.