eh… guys… i need some help in buttons.
Pardon my stupidity. :slight_smile: Here gones:
I created a button, and had some animation inside it.
The problem is when I tried to duplicate the button and the animation inside and edit the content. It does edit the content
BUT the first button’s content is edited too !
I tried to create another button and create the animation and content one by one but… it’s too troublesome and i can’t edit the properties of the button.
Pls help me… Guys…

Or maybe someone can give me a totally new tutorial or some website to give me some tips.
Coz I know it might get too complicated when explaining by words.
I’ve been though it. Keke~! :slight_smile:

It may be too troublesomme, but it’s the only way. You can go a little bit faster though if you duplicate your button and the clip inside it in your library, and then work with them.

pom :asian:

Where are you in Sg ?

thank you for reply. but i’ve tried making copies of the the first button. But when i edit symbols, the same problem occurs.

Sg is in South East Asia. Exotic country. Hahaaha
eh… the smallest highly-developed island with no natural resources. Hahaha… That’s what the first world countries said about us. :slight_smile:

Really, I don’t think there’s a real solution to your problem except: do it all over again :frowning:

I’m in Singapore too. In NTU =)

pom :asian:

I tot u were from Paris ? lolz:P
Anyway… when i tried to do one new button again… it will always changed the content to the currently edited one.
For e.g
WHEn over one button… the top of the button will have some words animated. But when i create new button (same type , same design except diff animated words) the animated words will become the most recently edited ones !
WHY!? :-\

i’m not sure i fully understand your problem. if you copy and paste the same symbol over again you cant chg one without changing the master one because it is only an instance or duplicate of the original…in other words you cannot make one button and chg it a little bit everytime because it affects the main one…is this wat you wanted to know? :-\

yeah ! that’s what i meant.
can enlighten me ?? or tell me how to go abt it ??
Thankz! :slight_smile:

well ur going to have to create a new button each time :frowning: . i know its tedious but there is nothing else you can do that i know of! i’m no expert so maybe someone more experienced can enlighten us if there is any other way to do it quickly and efficiently…maybe using actionscript?

Well if all the buttons look the same can’t you just copy and paste the whole button drawing (not the button symbol) then turn the copied one into a new button?

yes that is what you should do. just copy the button outlines and not the text. dont copy the symbol itself because then u will end up editing the symbol. open up the symbol button so you are editing it and copy the outline/frame of the button. remember not to copy the symbol itself!

You are over-complicating this…
Just right click on the library item (your button) and select duplicate.
Just rename the copy!!! And edit away!!! Then drag to the stage.

The best way to be sure is to click the instances on the stage and check if they are instances of the same object (properties inspector).

Each should be and instance of the object which was respectively dragged to the stage, i.e.:

Buton_One in library
Right-Click and select duplicate
Rename the duplicate as Button_Two

Drag TWO Button_Ones to Stage and set instance names as test_one_a and test_one_b

Drag TWO Button_Twos to Stage and set instance names as test_two_a and test_two_b.

If you edit Button_One in the Library or either instance (test_one_a/b), the 3 will change, But Button_Two and its instances will remain unaffected.

Hope this is clear!!!

Wow this thread is definitely 2 years old. And in my defense, this was only a few days after I even started using Flash :stuck_out_tongue: